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FFDP 2018-19: Impact & Results

In mid-January 2019, grantees of the FFDP 2018-19 program returned to Russia. For five months they were developing or improving newly designed academic courses for their home universities, which will be or are already being implemented into their curricula.

Fulbrighters & Their Projects: Closing 2018

Now, as the the traditional academic year is moving towards its end, here is part two of our overview of what current and past Fulbrighters have been up to over the year 2018, regarding their Fulbright projects and also in terms of sharing their experience both locally and globally.
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Disappearing Earth

Julia Phillips, alumna of the Fulbright program for U.S. students and researchers of 2011-2012, is about to release her first novel titled DISAPPEARING EARTH, inspired by her Fulbright research year in Kamchatka.
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Alumni Small Grants: Closing 2018

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Many Returns of the Fulbright Faculty Development Programme

Andrei Ptitsyn, FFDP 2016-17 alumnus, has been developing international relationships and cooperation since his return to Russia, as well as actively engaging in contributing new content to curricula of the universities he teaches at.
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U.S. Education Week (February 9–17, 2019)

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Alumni Salons: Summing Up 2018

Year 2018 has brought Fulbright alumni together on many occasions. Summer schools, round tables, exhibitions and local gatherings supported by the Fulbright Small Grants Program - all of these have been arranged by Fulbrighters all around Russia. In Moscow, Fulbrighters had a chance to meet on a larger scale, during the 45th Anniversary Conference, as well as in a smaller environment of evening salons at the Fulbright office. Alumni salons were created as a more private, more chamber-like alternative to formal meetings, which gives the Fulbrighters an additional platform to catch up on each other's projects and aspirations.
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Moscow Fulbright Office wishes you all to stay warm, kind and full of energy! May all your wishes and ideas come to fruition in year 2019!

Screening of "Unknown 1917"

Galina Yevtushenko, Fulbright Scholar Alumna 2017-18, will be screening her new documentary "Unknown 1917" at Dom Kino on January 10, 2019, 7 pm. All are welcome to join. The invitation for 2 persons is available for download by this link. Print it out and take it with you.

Fulbrighters & Their Projects

As the first half of the academic year is nearing its end, Fulbrighters, both current and past, are actively following up on their Fulbright projects and sharing their experience not only locally but globally as well.
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Fulbright Art Alumni on Value of International Experience

In late September 2018 alumni of the Fulbright Visiting Graduate Program hosted an open talk "International Experience for Careers in Art Management and Art" in Gallery 21 at Winzavod. The speakers shared their first-hand experience of stidy and work in the U.S. cultural institutions and discussed how international exchange affects professional development of cultural managers and artists. The event was sponsored by the Fulbright Small Grants program, supported by the Moscow Fulbright office.
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Course on American Studies by FLTA Alumna

Natalia Mukhina, alumna of FLTA 2014-15 program, designed the course "American Studies" for 2nd year students of Moscow City Teachers' Training University. As a result, her elective ended up as top favorite with more than 65 students signing up for it.
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Grantee Story: from Saranac Lake to Ufa

Dr. Selina LeMay-Klippel, U.S. Scholar from North Country Community College (Saranac Lake, NY), has recently completed her teaching practice at Bashkir State Medical University in Ufa and spoke with the Moscow Fulbright office about her experience and participation in the Fulbright program.
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4 Women / 4 Films: a project by Cynthia Madansky

Fulbright U.S. Scholar in St. Petersburg, artist Cynthia Madansky will present her video works dedicated to the specifics of “female writing”, the difference between languages, and the possibilities of interpretation and translation, as part of ESFIR project within Garage’s Field Research program. Presentation will take place in the Garage auditorium on November 6th. Admission is free with advance registration.
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Fulbright Alumni Event in Ulan-Ude

Another Fulbright alumni event took place on September 25-26, 2018, this time in Ulan-Ude, gathering together alumni of the Baikal region. The event was sponsored by the Fulbright Small Grants program, supported by the Moscow Fulbright office and U.S. Embassy in Russia and organized by Fulbrighters of Buryat State University
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Life after Fulbright

After completing the Fulbright program and returning home, Fulbrighters do not forget about their important mission as ambassadors of the Program in Russia. They continue to develop and promote cultural and academic exchange with the United States, as well as raise awareness about the Program in their home regions.
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Fulbright Alumni Events in Novosibirsk

On August 27 and October 8, 2018, Siberian alumni gathered in Novosibirsk to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Program in Russia, the Fulbright experience, each other, and plans for the future. The event was sponsored by the Fulbright Small Grants program, supported by the Moscow Fulbright office and U.S.
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"What Is Experiment?"

Yulia Kleyman, Fulbright Visiting Scholar alumna of 2012-13, supervised the educational program "What Is Experiment?" as part of the IV Summer Arts Festival "Access Point". The program took place from July 31th to August 2th and offered lectures, director's lab, viewings of plays and a final seminar.
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FFDP 2018-19

On August 8-10, 2018 the IIE Head Office in New York hosted a 3-day orientation for new grantees of the Fulbright Faculty Development Program 2018-19. This year grantees come from Rostov, Samara, Tomsk, Krasnodar, Vladimir, Tyumen, Chita and St. Petersburg and specialize in a variety of disciplines, from Computer Science to Antropology.
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Grantee Story: Fulbright Offers a Powerful Push and Invaluable Resources

A specialist in Native American Studies and current grantee of the Visiting Graduate Student program Alexander Chudak is starting his 2nd Master's year at the University of Oklahoma and has shared his observations about how young researchers can benefit from participating in the Fulbright program.
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XХI Fulbright Humanities Summer School "Creative Writing and Curricular Innovation in the Humanities"

XХI Fulbright Humanities Summer School "Creative Writing and Curricular Innovation in the Humanities" took place in Yasnaya Polyana, Leo Tolstoy's museum-estate, on August 27-29, 2018. The school was organized by Tatyana Venediktova, alumna of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar program of 1994-1995 and 2012-2013.
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American Center Support Program for Alumni Project

The U.S. Embassy, in partnership with the American Center in Moscow, is pleased to announce a new opportunity for alumni of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs. The American Center Support Program for Alumni Projects provides financial support to individuals, teams, or organizations to carry out public service projects that utilize skills and knowledge they have gained through their exchange experiences. The applicants do not necessarily need to reside in Moscow and can implement projects under American Center overall guidance in their home regions.
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Monograph on Bach's Fugue by Tatyana Svistunenko

Tatyana Svistunenko, Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2007-2008 program alum, has recently published her 300 pages long monograph on "The Evolution of the Early-Baroch Fugue in Clavier Works of Johann Sebastian Bach". The book is aimed at professional musicians as well as anyone interested in Bach's music.
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America: Kaleidoscope of Cultures

Exhibition "America: Kaleidoscope of Cultures" by Andrei Golobokov, grantee of the Fulbright FFDP 2018-19 Program, opened in late June in Vladivostok in the VSUES museum and exhibition complex. The project was supported by Fulbright's Small Grants program 2018.
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Outreach Lecturing Fund Supports Russian Fulbrighters

Earlier this year, two Fulbright Scholars from St. Petersburg, Tanya Weinstein and Igor Kozlov, gave a range of learning events in the universities around the United States with the support of the Outreach Lecturing Fund (OLF) that allows Fulbright Visiting Scholars who are currently in the U.S. to travel to other higher education institutions across the country.
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Arctic Initiative Meeting in Canada

On May 21-26, 2018 scholars of the 2nd Fulbright Arctic Initiative Program came together in Canada, including both Russian scholars who participate in the program this year: Elena Gladun and Svetlana Tulaeva.
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Alumni Salon "Isadora Duncan's Creative Heritage"

On May 29, 2018, the Fulbright office in Moscow hosted another evening salon for Fulbright alumni. This time the topic of discussion was Isadora Duncan's creative heritage. The salon was hosted by Elena Yushkova and featured a performance and talk with a Duncan dancer from the U.S. Vidala Neyanaya.
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U.S. Scholar Program Alum hosted Seminars at Syktyvkar State University

In May 2018, Christopher Kelley, the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program alum of 2005 and 2011 and professor of the Faculty of Law at the University of Arkansas in Fayetville, visited the Syktyvkar State University (SSU).
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The Fulbright Program in Russia’s 45th Anniversary Conference: a Celebration of International Networking Success

On April 12-13, 2018, the IIE office in Moscow hosted a major event to celebrate 45 years of the Fulbright program in Russia. The Fulbright Program in Russia’s 45th Anniversary Conference titled “A Celebration of International Networking Success” took place at the ‘National’ hotel in Moscow and welcomed more than a hundred Fulbright alumni from more than forty cities of Russia.
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Visit of NASA Representative to Amur State University

On November 27, 2017, Justin Tilman, the official representative of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Russia, paid a visit to the Amur State University in Blagoveshchensk..

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Preserving Isadora Duncan's Dance Tradition

Elena Yushkova, Fulbright-Kennan 2007-2008 alum and the 2018 Small Grants program grantee, has recently published her article about Isadora Duncan in the Journal of Russian American studies of the University of Kansas and is also going to host a salon dedicated to the famous dancer at the Moscow Fulbright office.

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Small Grants program grantees popularize the Russian Hawaiian Heritage

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Choreography of Body, Space and Cultures

Aleksandra Portyannikova’s dance project “External Bodily Awareness” is winning new audiences. Since January 2018, Aleksandra, Fulbright Visiting Scholar at The New School, School of Media Studies in New York, has been leading workshops and teaching tools of contemporary dance.

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Russian America's Seventeen Moments

Alaska has been attracting people for a long time. One of such globetrotters is Sergey Pashkevich, journalist and Fulbright alum, who recently returned from his Visiting Scholar program at Anchorage Museum in the largest city of the northernmost American state. In December 2017 he concluded his research project - “Russian America’s Seventeen Moments: Rediscovering Its Legacy” and is now making final touches to the project’s website.

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Screenings of Galina Evtushenko's Films in American Universities

Last March Galina Evtushenko, professor of film studies at the Russian State University for the Humanities, screened her documentaries at the University of Rhode Island (URI) and at the University of Albany (UAlbany), where she is currently a Fulbright visiting scholar.

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Tatar Dictionary by a Fulbright Alum Joined the Oxford Global Languages Initiative

On January 31st, 2018 Tatar has joined a growing number of languages from around the globe as part of Oxford Dictionaries’ global languages initiative. The dictionary is based on the "English-Tatar Dictionary for Students", published in 2014 by a Fulbright alum for Gulshat Safiullina.

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“Russian Language with a Hawaiian Accent” by SIR alumnus Elena Sedova

Last year Dr. Elena Sedova,Associate Professor, Department of Literature and Teaching Methods at Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, returned from her Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence program at University of Hawaii at University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, HI, USA. The Fulbrighter keeps her professional ties with the host University and arranges numerous cultural events in her home university.

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On March 08 the University Club of the University at Albany, SUNY, hosts introduction and screening of the film Leo Tolstoy & Mahatma Gandhi: A Double Portrait in the Interior of the Age.

The film is produced by Dr. Galina Evtushenko, a director, media educator, maker of documentary and feature films, and Professor of History and Film Studies in Moscow. She is a member of the Russian Filmmaker's Union, the International Association for Cinema Educators, and the Theatre Union. She is currently doing her research at the University on “Author and Hero in Documentary Film in the “Interior of the Epochs” as well as conducts master-classes.

She is going to visit other American universities to share international and Russian culture.

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FFDP 2017-18: First Practical Results

In mid-January 2018 a cohort of Faculty Development grantees returned to Russia after their 5-month stay in the USA where they developed new or updated existing syllabuses for their home universities in Russia.

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