Alex Bochkov


I’m Alex Bochkov from Cheboksary. I’m doing my master’s at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in second language studies. Everything is hellacool here. At first I went to world-famous Berkeley, CA. It was like a dream. I’m so happy to have met Dr. Angela Lintz there. She organized everything for us, barbecues, trips to Frisco. We had a lot of fun there. And don’t believe those who say that Americans are all stupid and don’t have souls. They are very nice people, mostly.

Hawaii is a hot place to live and study. UH is really famous for its SLS department. All our professors are big wheels in their field of study. And they’re really nice people, too. Noam Chomsky is Mr. Nice Guy (no, he doesn’t live in Hawaii).

We have beaches, a lot of sun and aloha spirit here. The only thing I don’t like about Hawaii is that from time to time we have quakes.

And finally my word of advice to all potential Fulbrighters: check and double-check your teeth BEFORE going to the US. Go to several dentists; don’t spare your money because dental care is extremely expensive in the US. To have a root canal done is something like $1,100. Luckily IIE advisors found the money for me. Thank you, Tom Koerber and Natalia Smirnova!

Any questions and suggestions are welcome!

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