Marat Bogdanov

Dear Friends!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bogdanov Marat. I’m teaching information science at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University, Ufa City, Russia. In 1991 I graduated the Biological Department of the Bashkir State University (Ufa City) with excellent grades. This year I entered the Post Graduate Course of the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics (IBG), Russian Academy of Sciences. I was working at the Insect’s Biochemistry Laboratory of the IBG for six years. I was engaged in pest resistance control researching while I was in Academy. I was investigating biochemical, genetic and toxicological aspects of insect’s resistance too. Together academician Tolstikov’s team (Institute of Organic Chemistry, RAS) I and my colleagues were developing modern insecticides named ‘pirethroids’ and chitin synthesis inhibitors. Significant part of my researches was dedicated to Pesticides Risk Assessment and Reducing of insecticide’s ecological impact to soil ecosystems. In 1997 I defended a PhD thesis named ‘Pyrethroid Insecticide’s Risk Assessment on Soil Invertebrates of the Potatoes Agrocenosys’.

In 1998 I entered the Bashkir State Pedagogical University. Since 1998 till 2001 I was a Head of the Technical Aided Education Department where I produced some movies on human anatomy, created some audio lessons on zoo psychology, designed some electronic courses on regional geography. At the same time I was teaching invertebrate zoology and human anatomy at the University.

Since 2001 to present I am an Assistant professor of the Information Science and Technical Aided Education Department. I teach Database Developing (MS SQL Server 2000), Web-design (ASP .Net), C++ and Visual Basic .Net Programming at the university.

I studied next courses at the Microsoft Certified Centers:

2002: #2159 Deploying & Managing a Microsoft ISA Server 2000.

2002: #2073 Programming a MS SQL Server 2000 Database.

2001: #1017 Mastering web Application Development Using MS Visual InterDev 6

2001: #936 Creating and Managing a Web Server Using IIS 4.0

In 2001 I won a Grant of the Russian Federation Education Ministry, section MP-03 (small weight materials and reagents), work’s title was “Biotechnological methods for valuable metals extraction from industrial waste”.

In 2001 I become a member of Coordinate Board of the Bashkirian Education Ministry on Information Science and I became a member of team for designing of Regional Education Media of the Bashkirian Education Ministry.

In 2003 I won an Intel Teach for the Future 29-int-1 Grant as a Project Leader.

In 2003 I attended the workshop / e-training ‘EU RTD Programmes. IST Projects in Framework Six Programme’ organised by the Singleimage Ltd., UK, Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Division for International Research and Technology Co-operation, Austria, University of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. I completed a workshop test with the graduate of ‘Good’ and I organized a EU Contact Point at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University soon.

In 2004 I won a competition VBS dot Net 2004 carrying out by Microsoft, Russia and VBStreets Co. on designing a programs with VB.Net in ASP.NET nomination.

Principle publications (total - over 20)

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I am married. My wife Albina teaches algology at the university.

The Fulbright Program in Russia. Institute of International Education.
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