Natalia Ermasova

Doctor of economics sciences,
Professor at the Finance Department,
Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia
PhD of Public Affairs
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University (USA)


Having graduated from the Saratov State University in 1992 I commenced as a leading specialist of the Saratov antimonopoly committee. The public administration experience going on for almost five years, greatly helped to elaborate professional skills about structuring information which became a priority since the first year of work at the above University. It continued with working out various teaching courses for students. From the very beginning, the courses were strongly linked with financial management, public and municipal finance.

Simultaneously, I continued with my studies. A post-graduate course taken at the Economics department of the Saratov State University was aimed on the study of the antimonopoly politics and its reflection in the support of small and middle business. The work ended with defending a kandidatskaya thesis and getting a Economics degree in June 1995. The dissertation was titled “The antimonopoly Regulation in Russia” . A course taken at the Economics department of the Moscow State University was aimed on the study of the World Bank politics in 1995.

A doktorskaya thesis being successfully defended on June 16, 2005, was mainly focused on Risk-management and Investments.

Teaching priorities:

Financial Management
Public and Municipal Finance
Bank management.

Participation in conferences and seminars:

Since my work at the Volga Region Academy for Civil services, Saratov State University many international conferences and seminars on problems of risk-management, investment activity, public finance, tax administration were attended with presentation of papers. Those were in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Kemerovo, and other places.

Fellowship periods:

At the same time, the period of work at the Volga Region Academy for Civil services, Saratov University, from 1997 until presently, was marked with getting many fellowships which helped to improve my professional background.

The Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) has been fortunate enough to participate in two such public administration partnerships: one, with the Volga Regional Academy of Civil Service (PAGS) in Saratov; the other, with the Northwest Academy of Public Administration (NWAPA) in St. Petersburg. I was the participate in this Program. I developed 4 program and textbook in SPEA (Indiana university): Debt Management; Public finance; Financial Management in public organization; Financial Management in nonprofit organization. As a result new courses have been developed by myself, mentored by American University faculty counterparts, covering many critical aspects of modern public administration and policy. Pedagogical approaches new to Russian education have been built into these courses, such as case studies, team projects, classroom role-playing and simulation, collaborative learning projects, use of computers in the classroom, and rudimentary forms of distance learning. I had the collaboration research “The Analysis of the fiscal relation in Saratov region” with American professor John Mikesell and Professor Guerassimova V. I had the presentation in Conference in Indiana University (April 2004). We had the meetings with leaders and administrators from Chicago Administration. I use these materials from Indiana University and Budget of Chicago in my work.

I won the grant of the Fulbright Program “Optimal Decentralization in Russia” (09/04/2006-12/06/2006), good progress has been made in developing the curriculum in many fields of public administration. After this program, I start writing the book entitled Public and municipal finance in Theory and Practice in Russia and foreign countries (in Russian).

I teach Public and municipal finance, Financial Management in public organization in the department of finance in the Volga Regional Academy of Civil Service (PAGS) and in the department of finance, (Saratov State University).

The researches and new courses is aimed at public officials who have an important role in the reform of intergovernmental relations or hold teaching positions in addition to the public office ( I teach in The Volga Region Academy for Civil Service).

I teach new courses and developing courses for
• university faculty with a background in economics, finance, public policy, law, etc., who want to improve their current courses or introduce elements of intergovernmental relations into the curricula
• other professionals who are in a position to apply the concepts of the course (Saratov State University, The Volga Region Academy for Civil Service )
• the students in the Institute of Business and Business Administration, Saratov State Technical University and in The Volga Region Academy for Civil Service (PAGS).

I was the Participant on CEU Summer University “Intergovernmental Fiscal relation” (07.03.2005-07.15.2005). In July 1997 I participated in the 2-weeks Summer School Seminar «Urban Management » held by the Soros Foundation in Budapest, the Eastern European University.

I was Visiting Professor in Ludwigsburg High School of Public Administration and Finance, Germany (June-July, 2008). At the time the School organized a special workshop “Tax Administration in different countries” and gave me a floor with a lecture “Russian Tax Administration” .
From January, 2009 I was awarded at the PhD of Public Affairs of School of Public and Environmental Affairs in Indiana University (USA).

Priority publications:

As a whole, nearly 55 different works have been released by now in Russia. The main questions to be covered are the questions of public finance, risk-management, and financial management of the Russian and foreign (mostly German and American) tax administration. Below are the titles of the books released.
1. Budget System. Moscow. High Education. 2009.715 pages.
2. Public and Municipal Finance. Moscow. High Education. 2008.516 pages.
3. Financial Management. Moscow. High Education. 2008.515 pages.
4. Insurance (2 Edition). Moscow. High Education. 2008.614 pages.
5. Innovation Management. Moscow. High Education. 2007.486 pages.

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