James Frick

I have been the Program Director for Physician Assistant Studies in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at WayneStateUniversity since October 2002. I have been an Assistant Professor in the Department since 1996 and served in the capacity of Director of Clinical Curriculum since joining the program. I also practice clinically in Hematology / Oncology in the Detroit area. I think we can learn from everyone we meet, and every encounter. I learn from my students and patients every day that I teach and practice.

I have traveled to Russia three previous times, and have developed a good working relationship with my collaborators on this project. I will be teaching health promotion and disease prevention to teachers who will in turn teach high school students about the topic. Russia has many preventable health problems and no way of disseminating the information. This is a beginning.

I have been involved with providing vision care equipment and medical supplies to the School for the blind in Barnaul. I am enamored with the people of Russia. They are wonderful people, who are just like y family and my neighbors. They have the same desires for the success of their families, and hope for a brighter future. They haven’t had the luxury of having appropriate resources so far, and hopefully, by working together through organizations like the Fulbright Foundation, the future of Russia and the US can grow brighter together. I would like to light the first candle.

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