Thorson Garvey

T. Gregory Garvey is Associate Professor of English at SUNY-Brockport and is working with the Faculty of Foreign Languages at MoscowStateUniversity and the Faculty of Philology at St. PetersburgStateUniversity. His Fulbright project is to study, learn, and teach courses in global cultural studies. In the fall semester he is teaching a course on Multiculturalism and Popular Culture at the faculty of foreign languages in Moscow. In the Spring he will be teaching in Moscow and Team-teaching an American Studies course in St.Petersburg. Garvey is also 2003-2004 academic director of the SUNY Ceter on Russia and The United States, a center that is focused on developing academic and cultural connections between American (especially New York) and Russian students and faculty. The center organizes lecture and discussion series, sponsors, conferences, and has been organizing student and faculty exchanges for 30 years. The center has offices on the main floor of the main building of Moscow State, sector A, room 161. Feel free to contact the center at 7 095 939 1210--tel/fax, or contact Greg directly at

The Fulbright Program in Russia. Institute of International Education.
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