Denis Golubev

Fulbright Faculty Development Program 2012-2013

Host Institution:
University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, United States
McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies
Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance

Research Topic:
Curriculum Development Research in Conflict Resolution

Home Institution:
St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
School of International Relations

Denis Golubev’s Fulbright Faculty Development placement at University of Massachusetts Boston included research and development of a course description, syllabus and specific teaching strategies for the course on International Conflict Resolution, encompassing structural and dynamic elements of international conflicts, strategies and methods of third-party intervention, international negotiation and mediation, conflict transformation, peace-building and reconciliation. He was introduced to practices and theoretical approaches to curriculum development in the U.S. and provided with concrete strategies on syllabus design, including an overview of academic and research resources. His affiliation with UMASS Boston also included observation of graduate courses on conflict resolution and engagement with several research projects of the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development.

The application and participation in the Fulbright program for Russian junior faculty did not come as a completely new experience for me. Having been an alumnus of another U.S. exchange program and having developed a network of professional and personal contacts with American peers I was familiar with the U.S. academic environment and basic premises of American culture. What came as a pleasant surprise was a profound mind-blowing impact on my perception of higher school teaching as art and professional practice. Almost each and every day of my five-month affiliation with UMASS Boston was marked by generating new ideas about curriculum development, teaching techniques, application of technology in educational process and integration of higher education with community work.

Although thorough assistance from IIE responsible officers helped me concentrate on the academic goal of the program, my stay in the U.S. by no means was limited to campus life. You get deeper and more nuanced understanding not only of American society, but through interacting with fellow Fulbrighters of different backgrounds you broaden your perspectives on the complex and diverse world we live in, and eventually enhance your own self-awareness and perception of your own cultural identity. After all, Fulbright is all about challenging yourself, transcending cultural boundaries, expanding your comprehension of what is normal and what is possible, and building the bonds of friendship and professional ties with wonderful people from around the world.

Background Information

Denis S. Golubev is an associate professor with the School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University, Russia. He earned his M.A. in American Studies in 2007 and then completed his PhD in political science in 2011. He began his academic career in 2007 and since then has taught various undergraduate courses on Political Science, International Relations and American Studies. In 2012 he became a Laureate of the "Global Perspectives 2011" (a contest held by the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs, РСМД) in the "Best 2011 PhD thesis in international relations" nomination. Dr. Golubev is an alumnus of two international academic exchange programs – the Open World Leadership program in 2009 and the Fulbright Faculty Development program of 2012-2013. He has several national and international conference presentations as well as a series of scholarly articles on ethno-political conflict resolution and conflict transformation in Russian peer-reviewed journals. In 2012 he had his book published on international mediation in the Arab-Israeli peace process.

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