Robert Hurley

Robert Hurley is a professor in the Criminal Justice Division at the California State

University, Sacramento with a long range interest in public policy and crime. His graduate training includes a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Hawaii and an M.S. in Court Administration from the University of Denver Law School. Most recently, Bob completed training in Conflict Resolution at the Loyola University Law School in Los Angeles, Alternative Dispute Resolution Center. He has participated in USAID projects in China and Russia for over ten years with a special focus on municipal government development and public administration. In that capacity, he worked with mayor’s and governor’s offices and constituent services such as consumer protection. In addition to his academic career, Bob served as an Executive Officer in the California State Department of Consumer Affairs. He is a former member of the Board of Editors for the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. This is his second Fulbright. He served in the republic of Georgia as a Fulbrighter in the Spring of 2000 where he lectured at Tibilisi State University. He lectured several times in the People’s Republic of China, Nigeria and most recently in South Africa (2004) on a variety of Criminal Justice topics. He will be teaching at Kazan State University in the winter semester 2006. His wife Margaret, a professor of Asian Studies, and his two Russian born children will accompany him to Kazan.

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