Khomutova Tatiana E.

Tatiana E. Khomutova was educated at in the Department of Biology at Moscow State University, where she received her diploma in biochemistry in 1979. Until 1990 she worked at the Institute of Marine Fishery and Oceanography in Kerch,Ukraine on the ecology of Black Sear littoral. Since 1990 she has been working in the Institute of Physicochemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (former Institute of Soil Science and Photosynthesis). Her research interests are centered on the transformation of soil organic matter in different terrestrial ecosystems. In 1996 she received her candidate
degree for her work "Electrophoretic and fluorescent properties of humic matter from different ecosystems" at Moscow State University, Department of Soil Science. She has authored a number of papers. In 1996-1999 she was a Visiting Scientist at the Institute of Geography and Geoecology, Carolo-Wilhelmina Technical University of Braunschweig (FGR), working on the topic "Dynamics of dissolved organic carbon in soils". Since 1999 she has been focused on the study of organic matter in buried paleosoils of different ages from the steppe zone of Russia. She is a member of All-Russian Dokuchaev Society of Soil Scientists and International Humic Substances Society. In 2002 she is awarded a grant by the Fulbright Program to conduct research at the Center of Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University for the project "Soil organic matter as a memory of ancient environment".

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