Anatoly Lashkevich

ANATOLY LASHKEVICH -- Professor, Doctor of Philology

Department for Western Literature
Udmurt State University,
1 University St.,
Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia 426034

1992 - 1994
Doctor of Philology
(Theory of Literature and History of Western Literature)
Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of World Literature

1979 - 1982
Candidat of Philology
(History of Western Literature)
Academy of Sciences of the USSR
Institute of World Literature

1971 - 1976
(English Language and Literature)
Udmurt State University
Faculty for Romance and German Philology

March 2005 – now
Udmurt State University
Department for Western Literature
Professor of Cultural Studies

Sept. 2003 – Mar. 2004
Woodraw Wilson Center for International Studies
Kennan Institute
International Fulbright-Kennan Fellow

1999 – 2000
Udmurt State University
Department of Cross-cultural Communication

1998 – 2004
Udmurt State University
Center for American Studies
Deputy Director

1995 – Now
Udmurt State University
Department of Western Literature

Sept. 1995 – Feb. 1996
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (USA)
Center for XXth Century Studies
International Fulbright Fellow

1992 – 1994
Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of World Literature

1983 – 1992
Udmurt State University
Department of Western Literature
Assistent and Dotzent

1979 – 1982
Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Moscow)
Institute of World Literature


In 1983 – 1995 I was working in the field of Comparative Literary Studies (West European and American Literature).

In 1996-97 I was one of the “father-founders” of the Center for American Studies at Udmurt State University (Izhevsk, Russia) and in 1997 as the Deputy Director of this Center I moved to the field of Cultural Studies, namely – to theory and practice of Russian–American cross-cultural communication.
During 1997 – 2003 I was realizing my first Fulbright Fellowship’s experience on this position:

1. International Conference “Humanities on the Threshold of the 21st Century”.
Vice-Chairman of Organizing Commitee 1997
2. Russian-American Cross-Cultural Round Table I: “University in the Process of Globalization”
Coordinator and Moderator 1998
3. Russian-American Round Table II: “Humanities in Multicultural World”
Coordinator and Moderator 1999
4. Inernational Conference “”Humanities and Humanitarian Education in the Ural Region” (sponsored by Open Society Institute/Soros Fund)
Vice-Chairman of Organizing Commitee 2000
5. International Interdisciplinary and Cross-cultural Summer School “Chautaukwa - 2000” (sponsored by Open Society Institute/Soros Fund)
Deputy Director 2000
6. International Round Table III: “Russian-American Intellectual Cooperation: Contacts, Problems, Perspectives”
Coordinator and Moderator 2001
7. Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Seminar “Word and World: From Poetry to Hypertext”
Supervisor 1997-2003

After my Fulbright-Kennan Fellowship at Woodraw Wilson International Center in 2003-2004 I extra-murally jont the research working group “Theoretical Results of the 20th Century” at the Department of Theory in the Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences. I took part in 3 international conferences and submitted 2 articles for the project (volume 3 forthcoming, volume 4 published in 2005).
My current research focuses on the problems of discoursive convergency and methodological interac-tions between natural sciences and Humanities at the University activity. Sub-topics are: “From ‘databases’ to integrative understanding knowledge”; “Poetics of the Truth(s): Fictional Aspects of ‘Documental’ Discourses”; this year – “Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Readings: Problems of Theory and Practice”.

The J. William Fulbright Scholarship, USA, 1995;
Stipend of British Academy of Sciences, Universirty of Oxford, UK, 1997;
Stipendium aus öffentlikhen Mitteln zur wissenschaftlichen Fortbildung bzw,
IAUPE, 2001(Germany);
Diploma of Honor, Rector of UdSU, 1996;
Diploma of Honor, Government of Udmurt Republic, 1997;
Russian Federal Ministry of Education and Russian Academy of Sciences Grant
(“Integratzia” Fund), 1999;
Russian Federal Ministry for Information Certificate of Honour, 2001;
Fulbright-Kennan Program Scholarship, USA, 2003;
Diploma of Honor, Udmurt Republic State Council, 2004;

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