Nadezda Lupacheva

I was born in Orel on August 30th, 1974 into the family of the Victor Lupachev, the painter. In 1989/90 I attended the biological branch VZMSH (All-Union Mathematical School) at the Moscow State University. Furthermore, I participated in school, city, Russian and Moscow State University Olympic Games.
In 1990/91 I became qualified as a Junior Medical Nurse at the Regional Children's Hospital, (Orel). In 1991 I began to study at the Bio-Medical Faculty of RGMU (Russian Federation Medical University), but in 1994 I understood, that I wanted to study people in normal, not in pathological, conditions. I began to study at the Biological Faculty of MSU in 1995 and graduated with Master’s Degree in 2000 (diploma with honour).
In 1996 I took part in two archaeological expeditions to the Novorossiysk area. Within three years (1998-2000) I took part in the work of the Novgorod Anthropological Expedition under the supervision of L.V. Bets, Dr.Sci.Biol., senior lecturer of Anthropology Department. In July 2000 I defended my Master’s Degree work on the topic: "The Ethno-demographic description of some areas of Tuva" under the supervision of professor T.I. Alekseeva, Academician of the Russian Academy of Science. In November 2000 I became a member of the European Association of Anthropologists (EAA) and began to work on my Ph.D. project whose title was: “Morphological analysis of interconnection of indexes of the face and body form and shape of maxillary apparatus in age, ethno-territorial and sexual aspects” which I carried out under the supervision of professor A.L. Purundjan, Dr.Sci.Biol. During the first year of training in postgraduate study I completely passed all examinations for the Ph.D. program.
In July - August 2001 I completely and independently organized and carried out a scientific anthropological expedition to the Smolensk area (on the basis of Moscow Station of Junior Biologists and All-Union Summer Ecological School). The material on more than 200 children, including the anthropometrical data, fingerprint, sociological investigation and groups of blood were collected, and more than at 100 out of them volumetric models of their maxillary apparatus (plaster casts) was collected. These data will be transferred to electronic carriers and exposed also to biometric and statistical processing in the Department of Orthodontics of Tennessee University.
My trip to the USA for receiving and collecting data helps me not only to continue my work on my Ph.D. thesis, but also to meet new colleagues, to look at the country (to me, as to anthropologist, it is interesting not only from the personal, but also from the professional point of view). It also helps me to improve my English, which is important for the modern scientist. After returning from USA I am planning to finish my training in my postgraduate study at the Moscow State University to write and defend the Ph.D. thesis.

Beside anthropology I am also interested in psychology and sociology. I love fiction very much and I write verses.

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