Victoria Lygdenova

Victoria Lygdenova
FLTA participant 2007-2008
Novosibirsk, Russia,
Mount Union College, Ohio, USA

My name is Victoria Lygdenova, I am originally from Republic of Buryatia that is located at one of the most picturesque places near the lake Baikal. Now I live in Novosibirsk where I have got Russian and English linguistics specializations in Novosibirsk State University. Currently I am studying as a PH.D. Student in Russian Academy of Science. My work is dedicated to studying American and Russian cultures in business companies.
After I was accepted to FLTA program and passed all competitions I was sent to Mount Union College that is in Ohio and it reminds me Novosibirsk Akademgorodok because both these places are far from the cities and its noise. There are wonderful nature views, clean air and very hospitable people here. Despite being far from the center student life is very exciting here. Every month if not every week something interesting happens here. During the first three months of staying here I have already participated in different activities. For instance, last week my students and I represented Russian fairy-tale Repka at Poetry Reading Party. Last month I participated in International Dinner where I introduced people with Buryat traditions and sang a traditional Buryat song. Being Buryat by nationality I don’t look like Russian and this fact surprises many Americans. It is an excellent opportunity for me to tell people more about our culture and about Siberian peoples that live in Russia. It is rare when people from Siberia have a chance to represent their culture abroad and I was happy to realize my mission in the U.S.A.
Now I work as a professor and I love communicating with my students and colleagues. As Russian as American students are interested in visiting other countries and I hope that after studying Russian my American students will have a chance to visit Russia where they can get memorable culture experience!

December 2007

1. With my American students acting Russian Fairy tale “Repka” (November 2007)
2. Singing Buryat song in national Buryat costume at International Dinner 2007(October 2007)

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