Yury B. Mandzhiev

Yury B. Mandzhiev (Elista, Russia)

Age: 24

My first acquaintance with America was 9 years ago through the Freedom Support Act exchange program. Since then my goal was to pursue professional education in the US. I became interested in tax law as it affected everyone and at the same time remained undeveloped in late 90-es. I truly believe I can contribute to development of the Russian tax system and tax research.

While at the Russian State Tax Academy of the Tax Ministry, I was awarded the Russian Presidential Fellowship for the academic activities and research. Under this fellowship, I was introduced to US tax accounting and tax law at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. At Loyola, I met many Fulbrighters and probably that was the time when I seriously started to consider applying for the Program. In 2003, I graduated with excellence from the Tax Academy’s law department and completed a graduate thesis where I compared and analyzed income tax rules and doctrines in the US and Russia.

I joined Moscow office of an American accounting firm as a tax consultant. There I discovered a huge world of cross-border transactions and the art of international taxation. My particular interest was shaped into the study of international taxation – and I applied for the Fulbright Program. After the long selection process, I discovered about my admission to the International Tax Program of New York University.

The Program trains future international tax professionals and academia, encourages research and publications. Director of the Program is a Fulbrighter as well as many other NYU’s academics. Upon graduation, I will implement the knowledge and issues identified in the area of international tax into my Ph.D. dissertation. Teaching a comparative international tax course would be a part of my Ph.D. curriculum. Long-term plans include work with the Duma’s budget and tax committee in developing Russian tax laws, and, if possible, for the federal tax administration.

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