Kyle Marquardt

Kyle Marquardt's interest in post-Soviet language politics was first piqued while he was studying abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. There he met students from across the former Soviet Union and became fascinated by the ethnic, political, and linguistic issues these students described as existing in their respective homelands. Kyle has spent the past year pursuing this interest on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, during which time he has observed language politics at work in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. During his Fulbright year, he plans to study the linguistic situation in the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan, using his experiences in Turkic states outside of the Russian Federation as a basis for comparison. In addition to conducting research in this field, he will also study the Tatar language and aspects of Tatar culture through coursework at Kazan State University in the city of Kazan.

Kyle received his BA from Grinnell College, where he majored in German and had a concentration in linguistics. Following the completion of his Fulbright, he hopes to enter graduate school.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys photography, backpacking, and getting lost in big cities.

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