Elena Myasoedova

I began my Academic career 3 years ago after graduating from Ivanovo State Medical Academy, Ivanovo, Russia. I think that research is one of the most exciting things you can do in your life. My field of interest in the Medical Sciences is Rheumatology.

Last year I decided to participate in the Fulbright Program and submitted a project on the topic of my research. Then followed the interview with Fulbright Committee, the TOEFL exam, waiting for approval from the hosting Institution, and finally, - coming to the USA! I am very grateful to the Fulbright team, which made all of these steps for the participants go as smoothly as possible.
I was assigned to Mayo Clinic – one of the most famous Medical Institutions in the USA for its’ state-of-the art clinical practice where “Interests and needs of the patient come first”. Here at Mayo I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. I think that my program couldn’t be better, done in any other place. The research of my mentor is exactly in the same area as mine and I feel like this is exactly what I needed. Further, my research here gave me an opportunity to submit and present my research results at the largest rheumatological event of the year – Congress of American College of Rheumatology in San Francisco, California. The meeting itself and conversations with the scientists I met there contributed a lot to my research experience. So, lesson learned – the Mentor and Institution are crucial for fruitful and successful work.

One of the crucial parts of American life is healthy way of living. I think, every University has its own fitness club. Regular work-outs in the local Health Living Center help me to be in shape and to stay a healthy weight. This is really very important as I am spending a lot of time at the computer.
Socializing – another important issue. Making friends, communicating with colleagues – all this makes your life here more interesting. Americans like to chat, communicating sometimes much more than Russians. Participating in the social events, celebrating national holidays and travelling with friends helps to not feel lonely.

I enjoy every day in America and I try to experience as much of the US as possible. No matter what I am doing here – everything is fantastic! Miracles are real and that’s what I understood after all! It is a great pleasure to participate in Fulbright Program. Independently of the previous experience Fulbright Program is the important milestone in one’s career, separating it to “before” and “after”.

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