Potanina Olga

I, Potanina Olga, was born in Tomsk, a wonderful ancient Siberian city. In 2000 I graduated from Tomsk State Pedagogical University ( with a specialization in Linguistics and Teaching English and German as foreign languages. At present I am a teacher at the Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication at Tomsk Polytechnic University ( In November 2000 I was admitted for the post-graduate studies at Tomsk State Pedagogical University. My major is “Languages of the Russian Federation”.
Not only do I teach but also conduct research work on the Eastern dialects of the Khanty language. I am a research fellow of the Laboratory of Indigenous Siberian Languages ( at Tomsk State Pedagogical University and I participate in development and realization of a number of projects and field work aimed at description and documentation of the Khanty language and preservation of culture of the Khanty. The scope of my academic interests includes cognitive/functional linguistics, anthropology, culture study of obsolescent national minorities and endangered languages of Siberia.

The desire to improve the quality of my research work and teaching at the University as well as to contribute to the study and documentation of the languages of aboriginal population of Siberia formed my decision to participate in the Fulbright Program. I am honored and happy to have an opportunity to conduct research at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque (

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