Dr. K. Michael Reynolds

Dr. K. Michael Reynolds is an associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. His recent research includes the development and implementation of a law enforcement information sharing system throughout Florida that encompasses more than 140 agencies. He also specializes in intelligence and crime analysis that includes the use of mapping and data visualization techniques. In 2001, Dr. Reynolds established an on-going educational and research partnership with the Volgograd Law Academy in Volgograd, Russia. During this period, more than eighty University of Central Florida students and numerous faculty members have participated in comparative studies at the Volgograd Law Academy. The University of Central Florida has hosted twenty-one Russian students and senior faculty from the Volgograd Law Academy during the past several years. The partnership has on-going empirical research projects involving Russian and American faculty members assisted by graduate students regarding crime and policing issues in Russia.

Dr. Reynolds will introduce state-of-the-art crime analysis tools and techniques to the Volgograd Law Academy. He will assist with the development of a crime analysis curriculum that utilizes cutting-edge technologies. While there, he will use the opportunity to enlarge the scope of collaborative research projects with faculty members of the Academy pertaining to democratization, policing research, and the analysis of crime in the Volgograd Region.

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