Sarah Bennett

As a first-year at Beloit College, I took a Russian language course on impulse. Two years later I came to Moscow on exchange and finished the semester off with a eye-opening trip to Lake Baikal. This May I graduated with a B.A. in Russian Language.

Now I'm back in Moscow studying linguistics and enjoying the liveliness of the Russian tongue. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to entrench myself in the world of Russian animation. Although I wasn't the kid glued to the Saturday morning cartoon line-up, Russian
cartoons nonetheless entranced me as an adult. Their visual complexity and sincere spirit brought me toMoscow to learn about image-based narrative.

And since I'm in Moscow, I hope to take advantage of the ice skating rinks this winter, not to mention learning a few of those infectious Russian folk melodies on the accordion.

The Fulbright Program in Russia. Institute of International Education.
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