Yulia Savva

Savva Julia Vladimirovna, Ph.D. (ecology). Graduated from the Physics Department (majoring in biophysics), Krasnoyarsk State University. Currently is Senior Researcher at the Department of Dendroclimatology and Forests History at the Institute of Forest, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Krasnoyarsk.

My research interest is forest ecology and forest genetics and is related to the modeling of environmental and genetic control of tree growth using the methods of dendroecology and dendroclimatology. Author of 12 peer-reviewed papers.

Grants: Fulbright Scholarship in 2004-2005, grant of the President of Russian Federation in 2003-2004 and grant of the Russian Science Support Foundation in 2004.

I conduct my research supported by Fulbright Foundation at the University of Minnesota, Department of Natural Resources. The title of the project is “Effect of climate changes on scion-rootstock growth relationships”. The project is focused on the studies of growth and compatibility in response of grafted trees to climate variability using methods of forest genetics and dendroclimatology.

I am very grateful to Fulbright Foundation for interest and support of my project. My work at the University of Minnesota has given me the unique opportunity for not only research, establishment of scientific contacts and knowledge integration but also for leaning culture and traditions of American society. For contacts, please, use e-mail address:

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