Douglas Singleton

Douglas Singleton is professor and chairman of the physics department at California State University, Fresno where he has taught since 1998. He received his BS at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his MA and PhD at the University of Virginia. Before coming to CSU Fresno he held a lectureship at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2005 he had a visiting professor position at the Universidad de Costa Rica. In 2004 he worked in the research group of Professor Vitaly Melnikov at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia through a Fulbright grant. His research areas include quantum field theory, particle/high energy physics and gravitational physics. During his Fulbright visit he plans to collaborate with several researchers (Dr. Kirill Bronnikov, Dr. Boris Meierovich, Dr. Viltaly Melnikov, Dr. Volodya Ivashchuk and Dr. Emil Akhmedov) on higher dimensional gravity theories. He also plans to study the effect of placing quantum fields in ordinary 4 dimensional, curved spacetimes. One of the consequences of this is that certain spacetimes (such as that near a black hole) will radiate. By studying this radiation (commonly called Hawking Radiation) Dr. Singleton hopes to be able to understand the interface between gravity and quantum mechanics.

Dr. Singleton will be joined during his stay in Moscow by his wife Sodsri and 6 month old boy, Denali.

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