Darrell Slider

Darrell Slider did his undergraduate work at the University of Illinois and went on to obtain a M.A. in Russian and East European Studies and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Yale. Since 1981 he has been Professor of Government and International Affairs at the University of South Florida (Tampa). His research has covered a broad range of topics in Soviet and contemporary Russian and Georgian politics. Dr. Slider's work has been published in a number of edited volumes and journals including Post-Soviet Affairs, Slavic Review, and Europe-Asia Studies. As a graduate student in 1979 Dr. Slider participated in the US-Soviet graduate student and young faculty exchange; he spent 2 months in Moscow and 7 months in the republic of Georgia at the Applied Sociology Department of Tbilisi University. In spring 1989 he returned on the same exchange to research the beginnings of private business in the Gorbachev era and was affiliated with the Plekhanov Institute for the Economy in Moscow. For the 2004-05 academic year Dr. Slider will be doing research in Moscow and will lecture at the Higher School of Economics in the Department of Applied Political Science His teaching will include a course of US elections in comparative perspective (timed to coincide with the US presidential elections) and a course on methods of inter-ethnic conflict resolution. Most recently he has been studying changing political institutions under Putin, particularly as they impact relations between Moscow and the regions.

The Fulbright Program in Russia. Institute of International Education.
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