Lucas Stratton

My name is Lucas Stratton (please call me Luke) and I recently graduated summa cum laude with honors in French and Russian from Dickinson College, a small liberal arts school sequestered out in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I wrote my honors thesis on the concept of "eidolologia" in the poetics of French romantic Theophile Gautier and Russian acmeist Nikolai Gumilev. Such is my chosen path, and I will continue my studies in comparative French-Russian literature, visual arts and music during my sojourn in Moscow. I will be attending lectures at Moscow State University while conducting research on the French aesthetic idea of synesthesia, trying to understand how it influenced and came to pervade the works of Aleksandr Scriabin, Andrei Belyj, and Vassily Kandinsky.

I grew up in Gum Spring, Virginia, a small town about thirty-five miles from the state capital, Richmond. Yearning for urban life, I got accepted to high school in Richmond at The Thomas Jefferson Governor's School for Government and International Studies. That is where my love of foreign languages and of travel abroad received its greatest nourishment. In high school I traveled to Coulommiers, France for two weeks. After graduating and entering college at Dickinson, I petitioned the Committee for Academic Standards to allow me to go abroad to Russia during my Sophomore year. I enjoyed a glorious stay in the Russian capital and then left to spend half of my Junior year studying at the Mirail University in Toulouse, France. Just recently, I spent two weeks traveling in Japan: one week on the island of Shikoku in the small town of Mino, and the other half in Tokyo.
Before beginning my research and studies in Moscow, I will be working as the lead Resident Advisor for the Governor's Russian Academy at Virginia Commonwealth University. During my time there, I will also be teaching Russian to students at the Governor's French Academy.

The Fulbright Program in Russia. Institute of International Education.
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