Jane Vaynman

During her Fulbright in Moscow, Jane Vaynman will work closely with the Carnegie Moscow Center and other NGOs to investigate perspectives on Russian's international security and nonproliferation priorities in light of Russia's G8 presidency last year.
Jane graduated from Stanford University in 2004, with a B.A. in International Relations, a minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies, and Honors in Security Studies. Jane's interest in Russia grew out of early undergraduate coursework on a fascinating historical turning point: in 1945, U.S. scientists raced towards the first atomic bomb, while Soviet spies gathered crucial data on their efforts. After studies in history and political science at Stanford, Jane completed her honors thesis on post-Soviet efforts to manage Russia's nuclear legacy through U.S.-Russian cooperation to secure nuclear weapons and materials.

Since college, Jane continued her interest in Russian security issues through work at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC. There she focused on nonproliferation issues, including tracking the status of Russian weapons and materials security and examining Russia's role in the developing nuclear dilemmas in Iran and North Korea.

After the Fulbright, Jane will pursue a PhD in Government at Harvard University. She hopes this year in Moscow will be instrumental in identifying the questions and puzzles for continued research.

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