Ryan Welch

"Born in Amherst, MA and raised in Baltimore, MD (sister city of St. Petersburg), I returned to Massachusetts to study Russian and chemistry at Amherst College. After graduating in 2003, I joined Ziger/Snead Architects in Baltimore and have spent the past year sketching, designing, building models, and researching new materials. I will head off to St. Petersburg this fall to study chemistry and architectural history and preservation at SPGU and the Academy of Arts.

St. Petersburg's rich line of international architects built a gem of a city - one that deserves to be preserved and celebrated for years to come. So I will try to put my academic interests to work this year by volunteering for organizations involved in restoration projects around the city. In spite of the tremendous rebuilding efforts leading up to the city's tricentennial, many lesser-traveled architectural ensembles still deserve attention. Furthermore, the recent appointment of a new city architect, Aleksander Viktorov, and refinement of Dominique Perrault's controversial design for the new Mariinsky Theater certainly make this an exciting time to be studying architecture in St. Petersburg.

Besides Russian, architecture, and chemistry, my interests include metalwork, beer brewing, soccer, museum hopping, and getting lost in new places.

( for info on the Mariinsky II check out: )"

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