Marianne Woods

As a child of the fifties/sixties, my professional aspirations were limited to the world I knew. That was, for a college educated woman, teaching or nursing. I chose elementary teaching, but didn’t teach long as I soon found myself in the midst of rearing three children. I also took an active role in furthering my now ex-husband’s career and put my professional aspirations on the back burner. During an eight month residency in London (husband's sabbatical), I discovered my intense love of visual images, and upon our return to the U.S., I enrolled in a graduate program at Case Western Reserve University. Subsequently I worked off and on both at teaching and completing my PhD which I did in 2000. Because I was older when I earned the terminal degree and "landed" my first tenure-track position at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (in Odessa, TX), I believe I am an inspiration to many of our "returning" students, especially women, who have waited to follow their dreams until the children are in school or grown.

I love to travel! I also love the out of doors and non-competitive sports (I am a poor loser). I have combined these loves on several occasions in Britain/Ireland where I have gone on bicycling and hiking treks. I would like also to do this in Russia or one or more of the Western European countries. My fantastic Fulbright fellowship has brought me to Moscow where I am lecturing at the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Thus far I have enjoyed my experience! I am always taken aback when I dole out thousands of Rubles for goods I purchase. My young and very capable host, Roman Dubovitsky, just about had to pick me off the floor when I checked out at Ikea and handed over more than $10,000 Rubles. He assured me it was under $300. but it made me nervous anyway. My specialty is American Art and I would be happy for any Fulbrighters or Fulbright Alumni to come to my lectures at the university.

I will be here until the end of June and look forward to meeting many people.

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