Olga Yakimenko

Olga Yakimenko, scientific researcher at Soil Science Department of Moscow State University, PhD in Biology. I have also some teaching activities: give undergraduate lectures on Soil Organic Matter, and Non-humic Compounds of Soil Organic Matter; Supervise BSc and MSc students.

My research interests are focused on soil organic matter - that mysterious substance, which makes alive soils different from dead rocks. In more details, I study composition, properties and transformation of humic substances; their role in the environment; influence of commercial humic substances on soil properties and plant growth and also the ecological problems of organic waste materials application in agriculture.

These topics have been developed also during my fellowships abroad: in SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), Syracuse, NY, USA, 2004; in GSF (Forschungszentrum fьr Umwelt und Gesundheit), Munich, Germany, (EU-project IC15-CT97-0801 “Pesticide Bound residues: Formation, Characterisation, and Standardisation)1999-2000; at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, (Sewage Sludge Transformations in Soil), 1994-96; and at Humbolt University of Berlin, (Transformations and Humification of Organic Waste Materials and Composts in Soils),1992. My Fulbright project is aimed on developing standards for commercial humic fertilizers.

Main publications are following: Commercial Humates from Coal and their Influence on Soil Properties and Initial Plant Development.// NATO Science Books Ser., 2004; Composition and Properties of Organic Matter in Soils of Ancient Settlements// Eurasian Soil Sci., 2004; Fulvic Acids and Fulvic Acid Fraction of Soil// Eurasian Soil Sci, 2001; Sewage Sludge: Soil Conditioner and Nutrient Source.-Acta Agric. Scand.,1997; Dynamic Transformation of Sewage Sludge and Farmyard Manure Components.- Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 1996; Agroecological Aspects of Using Nontraditional Organic Fertolizers Based on Hydrolyzed Lignin - Eurasian Soil Sci., 1994.

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