Elizabeth Stern

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University in 2008 with degrees in Comparative Literature, Slavic Studies, and Classics. Prior to attending Brown, I had been training to become a professional ballet dancer; this training ended after I sustained a serious injury.

My interest in Russia was first piqued, no doubt, by the many Russian ballet teachers I had growing up. At Brown, I began studying Russian and became further interested in Russian culture, literature, and art. I also returned to my love of ballet from an academic, rather than performer's, perspective, studying Russian ballet history. I spent the summer after my sophomore year in St Petersburg, and, after falling in love with the city, I returned for a semester in the spring of my junior year, studying at Herzen University. I received a research grant in the summer of '07 and began studying early 20th century ballet critics from St Petersburg. With the Fulbright, I plan to continue my research at a number of archives in Petersburg in addition to taking classes at the European University.

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