Elena Sivets


My name is Elena Sivets.

This year, as a participant of the Fulbright programme, I have got a great opportunity to conduct research at the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Virginia, USA. Back in Russia I am working on my “Kandidatskaya”J at the department of Sociology, Ural Sate Technical University – UPI, Yekaterinburg.

I’ve been to the USA before, and still I am enjoying my every day in America! Despite I do not have much spare time (a whole year won’t be enough to cover all the resources of the Library of Congress in Washington DC (and there are many others!!!!)J ), I am still trying to explore American culture, habits, way of living while meeting people, participating in discussions, conferences, social events. The more I learn the more interested I become!

My academic/research interest lies in the multidisciplinary scope: Intercultural Communication, Sociology, Conflict Resolution – I am focused on investigation of the intercultural stereotypes and expectations of the modern youth. I hope, my research work will contribute to extension of cultural understanding, and help to increase youth’ motivation to extend intercultural dialogue.

I am very happy to participate in the Fulbright programe, which actually gives much more than just informational resources and educational opportunities: it brings people from different cultures together and thus provides effective exchange of experiences, knowledge and social values.

Upon completing my research and degree obtaining I would like to continue my professional development the field of international conflicts’ analysis and mediation, while working on promotion of Russia’s participation in international dialogue.

Please feel free to contact me.

Elena Sivets
Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University
202-904 0185

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