Victoria Shkurkina

My name is Shkurkina Victoria K. I live and study in Tomsk .

In 1996 I entered Tomsk State Pedagogical University the Department of History. At the 3d course I was interested in rural studies. My research adviser offered me to work on the problem of West Siberia Peasantry of the first half of the 19th century. Since that time I have participated in the scholarshop “Peasantry Studies and Actual Problems of Siberian History of Feudal Epoch”. One of the problems raised at the seminar was – comparability of Siberian peasantry and American farmers. For lack of literature and primary sources the theme hasn’t been carried out.

In 2001 I graduated from TSPU with honours. Since September 2001 I’ve been a post-graduate student of the Historical Department, Tomsk State University , where I work on scientific research toward a degree of a candidate of science. In November 2003 I was admitted for the post-graduate studies (day-time) at Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

In May 2002 Andrei Marcovich Sagalaev, former Fulbright alumina, who came back from the USA, recommended to receive the Fulbright grant to be a visiting researcher at an American University to carry out my investigations in comparative analysis of American farmers and Siberian peasantry.

Two times I applied for participation in competition on reception of the grant of the Fulbright Program. Finally, in 2004 I have successfully passed all three selection rounds and was accepted as a visiting researcher by the Michigan State University (city of East Lansing). The staff of the IIE have successfully picked up university to conduct my research work on "Comparative Analysis of Historical Behavior Orientations of Rural Societies of Russian Western Siberia and Northwest of the USA in the first half of the 19th Century".

Work with American colleagues considerably has enriched my research work and teaching experience, allowed to establish lasting friendships and professional contacts and will, probably, help to carry out joint researches. Besides this trip is an excellent opportunity to introduce Old Russian culture to some Americans and, vice versa, embrace some good features of American culture.

Good luck to all applicants for the Fulbright Program. Dare and win. Patience, persistence and work - a pledge of success.

If you have any questions on conditions of studying at Michigan State University, please feel free and e-mail to, I’ll be more than happy to help you to inquire more about the Historical Department of this beautiful university, one of the leading institutions among state universities in the USA.

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