Markelova Natalia

Dr.Markelova Natalia, Ph.D, Senior scientist
The field of my scientific resesrch is microbial ecology. I deal with predator bacteria genus of Bdellovibrio. The biological potential of this bacteria is to kill the other bacteria, often pathogens for human, animals and plants. The topic of my project is: Predacious bacteria, Bdellovibrio, as a mechanism for public health protection and bioterrorism preparedness. The principal objective of the proposed project is to gather experimental evidence on the biological potential of Bdellovibrio to eliminate pathogenic bacteria from contaminated environment under conditions simulating natural environment. The data obtained will provide a new approach in biodefence of ecosystems against microbial contamination for improving human welfare.

Home Institute:

Institute of Basic Biological Problems RAS
Institutskaja str, 2
Pushchino Moscow region, Russia 142290
Tel: (0967)-732920, Fax: (0967)-790532

Host Institute:
Maryland University Biotechnology Institute
701 East Pratt str., Baltimore, MD21202

The Fulbright Program in Russia. Institute of International Education.
Strastnoy Bulvar 8A, 4th floor, Moscow, Russia 107031
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