Igor Yu. Kiselev

Project: State Image and Foreign Policy Decision Framing Effects in Situations of Crisis Interaction

Yaroslavl State University. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Dean’s deputy, in charge of research and academic development. Professor of the Chair of Social and Political Theories. Doctor of Science (Sociology). More than 50 publications. In the last years the main publications are :


-Political Establishment: Psychological Aspects of the Practice of Power. Moscow: Institut Psikhologii Rossijskoj Akademii Nauk, 2000. 410 p.

-Political Communication at the Turn of the Century . Moscow: Institut Psikhologii Rossijskoj Akademii Nauk, 2002. 320 p.

-Dynamics of State Images in International Relations . St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg University Press, 2003. 272 p. (in the co-authorship).


-State Image in International Relations and Social Cognition // Voprosi Filosofii (Issues of Philosophy), 2003. N 5. Pp. 3-13.

-State Images in International Relations: Mechanisms of Transformation // POLIS (Political Studies), 2003. N 3. Pp.50-57;

-State Image as a Factor of Foreign Policy Decision-making // POLIS (Political Studies), 2004. N 4. Pp. 116-125 (in the co-authorship);

-La dinamica de la autoimagen de los Estados Unidos a traves de los discorsus publicos // Psicologia politica, 2004. No 28. Pp. 55-68 (in the co-authorship).


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