Eldar Kurbanov

Head of the centre
Professor of the forestry department MarSTU
Doctor of forestry science

Forestry engineer (MarPI, 1989)
Candidate in science (1994)
Doctor in science (2004)

E. Kurbanov. Forest plantations of the Kyoto protocol. Yoshkar-Ola, 2007. 1884 p.
E. Kurbanov. Carbon budget of pine ecosistem of the Volgo-vyatski district. 2003. Yoshkar-Ola, 300 pages.
E. Kurbanov, O. Vorobyev. International Forestry. 2005. Yoshkar-Ola, 210 pages.
E. Kurbanov, V. Post. Changes in area and carbon in forests of Middle Zavolgie: regional case study of Russian forests. Climatic change. USA, - No. 55 - P. 157-173. Netherlands. 2002. N55, pages 157-173.
E. Kurbanov, Y. Yakovlev. Forest organization. International aspects of sastainable forest management. 2001. Yoshakar-Ola, 180 pages
and others

Membership: Associate member of European Forest Institute,member of IUFRO, fulbright scholar
Teaching courses: Remote sensing in forestry, International forestry
Research: Estimation of forest ecosystems as a factor of sustainable development
Post-graduate students

The Fulbright Program in Russia. Institute of International Education.
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