Tatiana Anatolievna SVISTUNENKO

Tatiana Anatolievna SVISTUNENKO, Alumna of 2008.
Ph.D. in Music Art (Musicology, Theory of Music).
Theory of Music and Composition Department
Saratov State Conservatory

I’m a musicologist. My professional activity combines teaching and research. The field of musicology I have been occupied is Polyphony and its theoretical and historical aspects. It is very interesting sphere for every musician. So my participation in the Fulbright Program was connected with lecturing and master-classes in this subject. The title of my Project was called “Theory and Practice of Mastering Polyphonic Technique”. It was aimed at teaching quick and competent apprehension of music text (not only polyphonic, but homophonic with polyphonic fragments) on contemporary level. In fact the arsenal of polyphony means is based on the tradition historically developed from century to century. Since ancient time music was considered to be a science. It was one of the items of Quadrivium together with arithmetic, geometry, astronomy. Structural peculiarities of polyphonic technique always save the scientific basis in music throughout all the epochs and styles - from the classical to the contemporary ones. It is known that the Polyphony Art applies not only to the audience’s ear but to the performer’s eye in the written music text. Studying the basis of polyphonic technique is necessary for teachers and students as a foundation for artistic interpretation of music pieces. It helps to discuss and solve the problems of orientation of the music form to audience.
On the one hand the basis for embodiment of this project became my teaching experience at Saratov State Conservatory - the Third Russian Conservatory (founded in 1912). The Courses I teach from year to year are the Courses in Polyphony for composers, theoreticians, pianists, chores conductors and folklore instruments players. And on the other hand it was the certain results of my research activity turned out to be very important and useful for contemporary level in teaching.

Students of Saratov State Conservatory participated and awarded in different Performing Competitions consider polyphony as a significant subject for their professional activity. They estimate the necessity of studying this Course and understand its usefulness. As a Fulbrighter I proposed my Project at Santa Barbara University in California.

I began to study music when I was only 4 and a half. So first of all I’d like to say my thankful words to my parents. My father, Anatoli Svistunenko, Ph.D., was a surgeon. During the Second World War he organized and was in charge of the Partisan Hospital at the Partisan Detachment “For Our Motherland” in Byelorussia. He was decorated with an Order of the Great Patriotic War (the First degree) and the other high awards. The Documents on his activity are represented at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk. He had very beautiful vocal voice and it was his dream to have our home performances together with me. My mother, Olga Razumovskaya was an engineer-geodesist. Since she was young she participated in the research expeditions to the Pamirs and the place where Tungus Meteorite had fallen. So thanks to her I do enjoy studying geographical maps.

Of course, I’d like to bow my terrific teachers. I had three main stages in my professional music education. At first it was the College of Arts in Vladikavkaz where my teacher was Zarema Lolaeva who was the teacher of our famous conductor Valeri Gergiev. Then I graduated from the Saratov State Conservatory (Theory of Music Department) with the Emphasis on Music Analysis (with Honors). My Graduation Research paper was devoted to "The Bells" by S. Rakhmaninov". It was written under the supervision of Professor Boris Sosnovtsev, Ph.D.

While studying at the Conservatory (during 3-5 academic years) I taught at Saratov State Conservatory (Theory of Music Department, Faculty member, part-time) - teaching harmony, sol-fa, score-reading.
Very important stage was the Post-Graduate Course at the Moscow State Conservatory - Theory of Music Department, the Class of Professor V.V. Protopopov, D.Sc., Laureate of the Russian State Prize in 1997. My Thesis was devoted to "The Early Clavier Fugues of J.S. Bach" (since 1700 till 1722, more than 50 works). The defense of the Thesis took place at the Moscow Conservatory and I received the Ph.D. degree.

There were several internships in Contemporary Musicology (Individual Program) at the Moscow State Conservatory and at the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory.

My research interests (publications and presentations) are connected with the study of the J.S. Bach’s keyboard music. And my professional every day life includes lecturing, master-classes and seminars, supervising students’ research, consulting, critical and performance activities.

My international experience - in 1996 (April 26 – May 12) I visited the USA for the first time (North Carolina). It was the cultural exchange between Saratov and Chapel Hill. My task was to interpret and manage all the performances of the Saratov Conservatory ensemble.
At this time I’m a member of Saratov-Dallas Sister City Committee, a volunteer of Saratov Chapter of Russian Peace Foundation and a volunteer of American Corner in Saratov.

I received Honorary Diploma awarded by the Russian Ministry of Culture for Long and Fruitful Service and Achieved Success in Culture and Arts Sphere. Printed Order # 46. January 15, 2004, Signed by M.E. Shvydkoi, Minister of Culture.

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