Life after Fulbright

After completing their Fulbright program and returning home, Fulbrighters do not forget about their important mission as ambassadors of the Program in Russia. They continue to develop and promote cultural and academic exchange with the United States, as well as raise awareness about the Program in their home regions.

Irina Karimova with Summer Schools students from Milwaukee, June 2018

Irina Karimova, RIEA 2017-18 alumna and Head of International Cooperation Department at St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, works hard on developing international exchange with current and potential partner American universities. In spring 2018 she visited Milwaukee School of Engineering, and then in summer 2018 she welcomed students from the said school at the SUT Summer School.


Olga Litvinova at Gateway Orientation in Miami, August 2017

Olga Litvinova, Visiting Graduate Student 2017-18 alumna from Voronezh, continues her research onhow their personality impacts the way they use this language and how their identities are transformed in the process. "Thanks to the Fulbright Program and a number of networking events, I could take advantage of connecting with people from around the world and hearing their stories. Over these ten months I have found myself experiencing different locations on the world map, including some places I didn’t know existed. I not only expanded my network through extensive geography and culture classes, but more importantly, I met with American and international students who do things that make life worth living. We would get together to talk, to laugh, to share – our lives, our stories, our worries."

Olga Litvinova: Looking at the Fulbright Side of Life


Nikolay Artemev in "City of Women", May 2018

Nikolay Artemev, Visiting Graduate Student 2013-14 alumnus from Yakutsk, appeared in "City of Women", a talk show on NBC Sakha which broadcasts over all of Yakutia as well as online and has regional offices in the Republic's uluses. In "City of Women", which airs in Russian and Yakut languages and covers a variety of topics, Nikolay shared details about his participation in the Fulbright program, reflected on the opportunities it gives and his own experience of living and studying in the U.S.


Inna Pevneva with participants of the Forum Discussion, September 2018

Inna Pevneva, another RIEA 2017-18 alumna, Associate Professor of Humanities at Kemerovo institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, supported by the Small Grants program, organized and hosted a Forum Discussion «Learning with the World, Not Only by Studying It: Learning to Do Good». Main goal of the event was to develop local and global teamwork, to promote awareness of students' role in society. The participants of the discussion were both students of the Institute and young professionals working at regional enterprises. The discussion was focused on the issue of global competencies (P21) as a necessary asset of a successful XXI century professional.

Photos by & from Inna Pevneva, Olga Litvinova, SUT webiste и NBC Sakha Youtube channel.

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