Application Forms

In order to participate in the competition, you must complete and submit an application form as well as send by regular or express mail the supplemental documents. All documents must be received by our office (in Moscow) by April 15, 2010.

Applications can be completed using the Online System or using the Interactive Word format:

Option 1: Complete the Online Application Form located at

Please read the Application Instutions for more detailed information on completing the Online Application. If you have any further questions, please send us an email at


We prefer that applicants submit their application Online.

All original documents that require a signature as well as a copy of your diploma MUST be sent to our office by regular mail.

Option 2: Complete the application using the Interactive Word format and send it to us by email.

The application form is located at the bottom of the page

The application file at the bottom of the page includes: information about the program, instructions on how to complete the application and the application form. Do not forget to complete the Supplemental Documents as well!

We ask that you adhere the Russian-Version of the Application Instructions. If there is a difference between the English-version and the Russian-version of the instructions, please consider the Russian-version correct!


We request that all files that are sent to us by email be labeled in the following format:
"last name name of document.type of document" For example: Petrov Study Objective.doc or Topoleva Application.pdf

Please do not send any files over 1 MB.

IF BOTH of the SPECIFIED WAYS for submitting your application are impossible, it is possible TO SUBMIT PRINTED DOCUMENTS. In this case we ASK YOU TO SEND ALL DOCUMENTS AT ONCE AND 3 COPIES OF EACH DOCUMENT.


In addition to completing the Application for Study in the United States, applicants must also remember to submit Supplemental Documents by regular post to the Fulbright Office in Moscow.

  • Russian Fulbright Grant Application Cover Sheet (In English by email)
  • Report on Proficiency in English (Complete in English; The original document + 1 copy)
  • Reference Letters (If the reference letters were submitted online, then you do not need to send signed copies to the Moscow Fulbright Office)
  • Signature Form (2 signed copies)
  • Information Concerning Foreign Student Academic Records (In English and may be sent by email)
  • Additionally, applicants must send us:

    A certified copy of their diploma of higher education or Bachelor's degree diploma.


    Only for Post-Graduate Students – It is necessary to provide information about your post-graduate studies (or information about when you finished them if you have not defended your dissertation yet).

    Also, please send us by e-mail the Russian-speaking variants of the Study Objective (item 28 of the application) and Personal Statement (item 29 of the application). They should be sent as separate files labeled with your surname, name, patronymic and city (only the text required- it is not necessary that it be sent in the form of the application). It is required so that we can send all of the application documents to experts during the first round by e-mail (Both American and Russian experts participate in the first round review of the applications)

    Those participants of the competition who successfully pass the first round, will be obliged to send to our office a certified copy of their diploma, a copy of the appendix to the diploma/transcript and also certified translations into English of their diploma and transcripts (2 copies of each).

    Please don't hesitate to ask any questions about filling out the application forms for participation in our competition; we shall answer all your questions and we will help you to complete forms correctly. (Questions should be addressed to the coordinator of the Fulbright program Natalia Smirnova: ph. (495) 935-83-53,

    In case your messaged is returned by the e-mail address above, please, use our alternative address:

    Application Forms:

    On-Line Application Form,

    Application Science and Technology 12-13 Russia.doc333 KB

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