Eligibility: Applications are welcome from scholars at all career stages, to include applied researchers, professionals, and indigenous and traditional-knowledge experts active in the academic, public or private sectors who demonstrate outstanding qualifications and a record of experience and accomplishment in an area clearly related to one of the designated research themes. Applicants must be actively engaged in an area of inquiry or activity relevant to the program's themes and objectives, be open to exploring and incorporating comparative, interdisciplinary approaches in their investigations, and be interested in developing collaborative activities with other Fulbright Arctic Scholars. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English.

Applicants must be citizens of the country from which they are applying and residing in the country at the time of application. Non-U.S. applicants who have dual-U.S. citizenship or who hold permanent residency "green cards," whether or not they reside in the United States, are not eligible. Non-U.S. individuals who are selected for a Fulbright program will be required to submit a copy of their passport data page to the relevant Fulbright Commission/Office. Non-U.S. Fulbright Scholars enter the United States on an Exchange Visitor (J-1) visa under a U.S. Department of State program and are subject to the two-year home-country residency requirement associated with the J-1 visa.

Note: Scholars who have held J visas with sponsorship of more than six months are not eligible to reenter as J-1 Researchers or Lecturers for 12 months following the program sponsorship end date. In addition, scholars who have previously held a J visa in the Professor or Research Scholar category are not eligible for sponsorship again in those two categories for a period of 24 months following the program sponsorship end date.

The deadline for applicants to submit applications to the Fulbright Commission/Office is October 16, 2017.

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