Past Fulbright Summer Schools

The idea behind the Summer School (as it evolved over the past 11 years since 1997) is to provide fresh impetus and flexibility to American culture studies in the Russian academy. In accord with the general goals of the Fulbright Program our priorities are: intercultural communication and comparative mode of cultural analysis (American/Russian, American/European, American/global), "cutting edge" methodologies in the humanities, interdisciplinary awareness and collaboration, effective international exchange in innovative knowledge and ideas.

Each June the Fulbright Summer School brings together a carefully selected group of highly motivated graduate students and university teachers (25-30 persons) from various universities of Russia for a two weeks' intensive session devoted to a subject of common interest. The emphasis is on discussion rather than lecturing. Seminars and workshops are led by top specialists in the field - American and Russian scholars (in both languages). They are meant to provide - and do provide, as experience has repeatedly shown - strong intellectual challenge and "inspirational" effect. We feel it crucially important to nurture the spirit of free debate, high professionalism and critical reflection as well as the consciously bilingual and bicultural perspective and balance. In this way Russians learn from Americans and Americans from Russians, beginning researchers profit from the experience of their senior colleagues and the latter get a happy chance to be students again in the discussion group framework.

Themes of the Summer Schools have been:

2006, June 25-30
Consumption as communication

2005, June 20–26
America Virtual and Imaginary

2004, June 22-30
Values, Canons, Prices: Text as Intercultural Currency

2003, June 1 - 8
Reading Everyday Life in American and in Russian: American Studies for Intercultural Communication

2002, May 30 - June 8
Popular Literature: the Experience of Cultural Mythmaking in America and in Russia

2001, June 20 -25
Nation as Narration: American and Russian Experience

1999, June 22 -24
The Imagined Past of America: History as a Cultural Construct

America as Vision and Spectacle

Text as Culture, Culture as Text

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