2015 Fulbright Alumni Small Grants

In winter 2015 the Fulbright Program in Russia announced a small-grants competition that was open to all Russian alumni of the Fulbright Program. We received 26 applications 20 of which were fully or partially approved and are now being funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. State Department, with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

We congratulate the winners and eagerly anticipate the benefits these projects will bring to Russian Alumni, their home institutions, and the Fulbright Program in Russia.

These projects are supported:

1. Ayakova Zhargal, Ulan-Ude - The Fulbright Program: New Horizons - New Opportunities: "round tables" and exhibition
2. Barancheeva Ekaterina, Novosibirsk - Transsiberian Bridge: student conference
3. Bobarykina Natalia, Saratov - Successful Fulbright Applicant Workshop
4. Borzov Aleksey, Vladimir - Fulbright Program and Liberal Arts Education in Russia : "round table"
5. Chirsheva Galina, Cherepovets - Contacts of Languages and Cultures in the Research Work of Fulbright Alumni and Potential Participants of Fulbright Programs: conference
6. Fed'kin Valentin, Chernogolovka - Eclogites of the Maksyutov complex (Southern Urals): additional research, publication
7. Gurko Tatiana, Moscow - Theoretical Approaches to Family Studies: book publication
8. Lipatov Vyacheslav, Moscow - American Experience in Distant Education based on the FFDP Experience: round table, site creation -> Conference proceedings
9. Lomakina Olga, Volzhsky - The Potential of Fulbright Programs in Studying American Lifestyle and Mentality of People: "round tables" and publication
10. Lvova Irina, Petrozavodsk - English Speaking Club: "round table"
11. Morozova Irina, Moscow - War in American Culture: Texts and Contexts: Zverev International Biennial Conference on American Studies
12. Orlov Vladimir, St. Petersburg - Academic Writing and Music History: books publication
13. Ovsepyan Anna, Pyatigorsk - Fulbright American Film Club
14. Rents Tatiana, Volzhskiy - US Cultural Mosaic: "round table" and film screening
15. Rents Tatiana, Volzhskiy - English Literacy Club: "round table"
16. Schvayko Vyacheslav, Ufa - Fulbright Program Alumni Club in Ufa
17. Shabalina Olga, Chelyabinsk - My Fulbright Adventures in the USA: book publication
18. Sigida Svetlana, Moscow - American Art Culture of Philadelphia: conference and festival
19. Sukacheva Tamara, Velikiy Novgorod - The Use of Computer Technology in Mathematical Analysis: publication
20. Valger Olesya, Novosibirsk - NSPU Alumni Reunion: Road to Fulbright: Fulbright Forum
21. Yushkova Elena, Vologda - Dialogues and Meetings: Woman in Russian and American Culture: conference

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