2016 Fulbright Alumni Small Grants

In winter 2016 the Fulbright Program in Russia announced a small-grants competition open to Russian alumni of all the Fulbright Programs. We received 34 applications 16 of which were fully or partially approved and are now being funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. State Department, with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

We congratulate the winners and eagerly anticipate the benefits these projects will bring to Russian Alumni, their home institutions, and the Fulbright Program in Russia.

These projects are supported:

1. Antonyan Maria, Moscow – Performing Arts; publishing a book
2. Artemev Nikolay, Yakutsk – Fulbright Dissertation Camp; Workshop
3. Artyukh Anzhelika, St. Petersburg – Cinefeminism. Women’s Cinema of the 21st Century: USA and Russia; publishing teaching materials
4. Bagdasarian Olga, Yekaterinburg – Literature as a Form of Social and Individual Reflection; national conference
5. Barancheeva Ekaterina, Novosibirsk – Horizons of Journalism; student conference
6. Blokhina Tatiana, Volzhskiy, Volgograd region – Learn English Autonomously & Develop Your Project; Workshops
7. Chirsheva Galina, Cherepovets – Languages and Cultures; seminar
8. Egorov Mikhail, Yaroslavl – The Problem of Exile: Russian and American Contexts; international conference
9. Gulyaeva Evgenia, Volgograd – Changing Communication in the Changing World; national conference and publication of materials
10. Karamysheva Tatiana, Novosibirsk – The role of the Fulbright Program and Siberian Researchers in Strengthening and Expanding Cooperation between the United States and Russia; Round table at the International Conference, cuisine, tennis competition
11. Khabibullin Rustem, Ufa – Project Ufargo (Ufa-Fargo); publishing articles
12. Pastukhov Artyom, St. Petersburg – Meeting on the Elbe; seminars, exhibitions, creating an animated movie
13. Sebryuk Anna, Moscow – Fulbright World: Talk American; monthly conversational club for students
14. Seredintseva Anna, Volzhskiy, Volgograd region – Literary Evenings "My Favorite American Book"; meetings and discussions, presentations
15. Turkin Andrey, Zelenograd, Moscow region – Course on Academic Presentation: academic workshop for students and postgraduates
16. Tutorskaya Maria, Moscow – Medicine and Literature Anthology; publishing a manual for the Russian medical universities

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