Sivachev Chair

Biography of this year's Sivachev Chair:

William Gillette is Professor of History at Rutgers University.

He earned an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, a M.A. from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from Princeton University.

He previously was a Fulbright Professor in Salzburg, Austria (1982-1983) and in Tokyo, Japan (1997-1998).

His first book, The Right to Vote: Politics and the Passage of the Fifteenth Amendment, analyzes the political role of African Americans at the midpoint of Reconstruction and reinterprets the Amendment’s origins. Retreat from Reconstruction, 1969-1879 reassesses how the American government and people repudiated Reconstruction; this book received the Landry and Chastain Prizes. Jersey Blue: Civil War Politics in New Jersey, 1854-1865 reexamines New Jersey prewar and wartime political roles; it received two awards.

His hobbies include travel and sailing.

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