Vladimir Kantor

Now I am working at the Bakhmeteff archive. I am reading and printing the correspondence of post-revolution Russian philosophers-emigrants. Mainly, it is the correspondence of Fedor Stepun (with Berdyaev, Frank, Fedotov etc.). I have been studying the work of Stepun for 10 years among my other scientific researches. In Russia I have published the biggest book of his works, containing 100 printed pages.

I am a Doctor of Philosophy, a Professor, and I work at the Philosophical Faculty of the State University – Higher School of Economics. Also I am a member of editorial council of “Problems of Philosophy” journal, where I have been working for 30 years. I have published more than 10 books, devoted to the problems of the philosophy of Russian history and the history of Russian philosophy. Among the latest books I can anumerate “...Is European State”. Russia: The Difficult Path to Civilization, Moscow, 1997.”, “The Russian European as the Phenomenon of Culture: philosophical and historical Analysis. Moscow, 2001”, “Russian Classics, or Existence of Russia”(in printing). Also I am the author of 4 novels and some books of stories, which have been marked by Russian and foreign prizes. These are the novels “The Crocodile”, “The Fortress”, “ The Notes from the Half-Dead House, narratives & short stories. Moscow, 2003.”, “The Conqueror of rats”, “My two homes and environment, Moscow, 2000” etc.

I think that with the help of the program Fulbright I have enriched my scientific potential and personal experience. I have found a lot of surprising and unpredictable papers in the Bakhmeteff archive and managed to make different contacts with American colleagues, which turned out to be very fruitful and sustained.

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