Nazarenko Alla

Alla Nazarenko is a Professor of Linguistics if the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Moscow State University. She was born in Siberia, grew up in Ukraine and got her higher education in Moscow. She is a graduate of Moscow State University and most of her professional life she has been a teacher of English at various departments of MSU: Mathematics, Cybernetics, Biology and Foreign languages. She received her Candidate of Sciences (PhD) Degree in 1984 and Doctoral Degree in Linguistics in 2000. Her academic and scientific interests include functional stylistics, functional syntagmatics, theory and methodology of ELT and LSP, cultural studies and cross-cultural communication. For several years she has been lecturing on British history and British contemporary culture and society. Recently she has started developing a new program at the Faculty of Foreign Languages - Distance Education through Information and Communication Technologies. She founded a Distance Education Center
(DECent), which offers preparatory courses in English, Russian, Russian literature and history for those future applicants for the Faculty who live far away from Moscow and cannot attend preparatory face to face classes, but who will come to Moscow to take the entrance exams. Now the center is developing several distance courses including Russian as a Foreign language for students of Russian worldwide. She is also involved in administration and has been the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages since its foundation in 1992. She likes history, classic literature, theater, visiting museums and art galleries, and traveling. She is absolutely crazy about her dacha, which she dreams to turn into something similar to what is shown in the "My Beautiful Garden" magazine. Alla has two children and three grandchildren. Her husband is British.

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