Nina Radkevich

My name is Nina Radkevich and I am from Vladivostok. In 1999 I graduated from Amur State University majoring in Linguistics and taught for two years at the same university. In 2001 I entered the graduate school of the Far Eastern State University . My research has to do with cultural differences and their language representation, specifically I am interested in time concepts in Russian and American cultures. This year I became a Fulbright finalist and will work on my master’s degree in Linguistics at the University of Kansas. I believe that it will also help me complete my dissertation. It is not my first experience of studying at the U.S. University, I was on FSA Undergraduate program administered by American Councils for International Education and studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I benefited greatly form being on the program and I think that this time I will also gain invaluable experience of studying at the university as well as communicating with American people.

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