Muza Dobrioglo

I am from Pyatigorsk (Stavropol region). Several years ago I graduated from Pyatigorsk State Lingvistie University (RSLU, Interpretes Department). Later I obtained Master’s Degree in Lingvuistics and now I continue my education as a PhD student (chair of Management, Sociology and Political Science). I combine studying with working: I am the lecturer of Chair of Management, Sociology and Political Science (PSLU) and of Chair of Tourism in Pyatigorsk Branch of International Academy for Tourism.
My scientifie field is Gender Studes.

The research I conduct is primarily based on comparative analysis of guite definite phenomenon in two different socio-cultural environments. Fulbright program offers me a grant for work in the USA and my host institution allows me to collect the necessary materials and valuable datafor completing my PhD dissertation.

My academic year is supposed to start this tall at Rutgers University in New Brunswick (New Jersey).

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