Bella Gordon

Bella Gordon is using her Fulbright grant to study environmental management at Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake and a touchstone issue for the Russian environmental movement since the 1960’s. Through interviews with key stakeholders and literature reviews she is working to collect information on the ecologic, socio-economic, and institutional situation in the region. She hopes to analyze and condense this information into a series of overview pamphlets that might be useful to decision makers and the general public.
Bella became interested in Lake Baikal as a participant in Tahoe Baikal Institute’s exchange program. She continued to study the lake during her two years as a master’s student in environmental management at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, during which she conducted research at Baikal for two months in the summer of 2007.
Prior to a career change to environmental management, Bella worked for three years at a Brooklyn non-profit where she managed a free ESL/Adult Literacy program and an after-school program in an inner-city public school. She has also served as an intern for Student Conservation Association/AmeriCorps where she built trails and taught environmental education in rural public schools. She has a bachelor degree in biology from the University of Chicago.

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