Ksenia Ivanenko

I am Ksenia Ivanenko. I was born in Russia in the Siberian city of Tomsk; here I graduated with distinction from Pedagogical University, Foreign Languages Department, and entered a PhD program in Philosophy of Education in the Department of Philosophy. During my PhD studies I have also managed to do my MA in Society and Politics at the Sociology Department of Central European University (Budapest-Warsaw) that is validated by Lancaster University, Great Britain.
Then I have been working as a Local Faculty Fellow within the Civic Education Project (CEP) and as a grant coordinator in my home-town University. During my work and studies I became acquainted with the educational policy issues of some European countries; however, the American system of education was still the ‘big unknown’ for me. Thus, among all exchange programs it was a Fulbright Program for students that I became interested in, and I became a finalist in the 2002-2003 Russian Fulbright Graduate Student Program competition.
At the present moment I am looking forward to continuing my research in the College of Education at Florida International University. In the USA I hope to deepen my knowledge in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies of educational process, finish my Ph.D. dissertation, obtain new scientific and life experiences, and make new friends.
I like traveling, all kinds of good music and books, and I am always happy to open new countries and life horizons.

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