Sarah Jones

I am currently a graduate student in the masters of theological studies program at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Previously, I majored in Russian at Middlebury College in Vermont, where I will return this summer to undertake graduate-level coursework in the summer language programs.

Russia and religion are two of my abiding interests, and I am especially fascinated by their intersection in the Russian Orthodox tradition.
During my sophomore year in college, I dabbled in exploring Orthodoxy, both as a member of the school's Christian Orthodox Association, as well as through classes such as a winter term course on iconography. My junior year I spent studying abroad in Irkutsk, where I completed an internship in religious iconography with a local art museum. My senior thesis focused on the more political and theological issues surrounding Orthodoxy in the recent past, and it whetted my appetite for a greater understanding of how the two interact and influence Russian society today. I am also committed to interfaith dialogue. As a Fulbright grantee, I will be attending St. Andrews Biblical-Theological Institute in Moscow, and generally researching and exploring Orthodoxy as it is experienced today in the post-Soviet period.

I am indebted to Fulbright for this opportunity, but also to family, friends and colleagues for their encouragement. Last but certainly not least, I am indebted to the late Father Alexander Men for the inspiration to do this work.

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