Marina Kilina

Graduating with a major in "English philology" offered me a brilliant opportunity to develop my knowledge of English and take theoretical courses in linguistics. It predetermined my interest in the comparative study of languages.
After graduation as I started teaching the situation with the Ket language drew my attention. As I proceeded in my studies I received support of Professor Kotorova, my research advisor. When I began to think of the specific area for my research and then I got valuable advice from Professor Vajda from Western Washington University who works on the Ket verb. I decided to take up the topic "Derivation patterns of the Ket verb" advised by him aimed at unified description of word-formation of the Ket verb.
Now as a postgraduate student with major "Historical, typological and contrastive linguistics" I wish to proceed in my research comparing the Ket and Athabaskan languages as it could be the key for solving the understudied and disputable question of word-formation of the verb in these languages.
Thanks to Fulbright Program in Russia I got a unique opportunity to stay in the US for a year and to accomplish major part of my postgraduate degree research project at Western Washington University, Professor Vajda being my academic advisor.

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