Pavel Kuznetsov

Pavel graduated from Tyumen State University with a joint Master degree in Law and Public Administration and has contacted research in Finland, Germany and Canada prior to coming to the U.S. He has taught administrative and information law for six years and before assuming his current position he worked in communications and legal consultancy firms. Now Pavel is doing Ph.D. research focusing on multidisciplinary application of law, communication studies and political science to new ways of interaction between citizens and government in information society, with special emphasis on eDemocracy and eParticipation. His academic interests also comprise corporate governance, comparative administrative law and reform of Russian legal education. This year Pavel is affiliated with New York Law School (New York, NY), one of the oldest independent law schools in the United States, located in Manhattan, in the heart of New York's largest concentration of government agencies, courts, law firms, corporate headquarters and securities exchanges.
His plans for 2007-2008 comprise two goals. The first one is further research in the frame of the Ph.D. thesis, which concentrates on application of ICT to enhance public access to government information. While researchers have focused considerable attention on these issues at the national level, relatively little is known about how local governments are supposed to respond to the challenges of the new age and how initiatives for stimulating and guarantying this right are generated and pursued. The U.S. Government is the largest publisher in the world, producing information on every conceivable topic and occupies one of the leading positions in eGovernment worldwide. Comparative study of several U.S. municipalities will increase the understanding of what has been done before and will enable to extract valuable lessons from past successes and failures. The second Pavel's concern for the academic year is analyzing of U.S. practice-oriented approach to legal education, as well as development new courses and modifying current ones. He audits several classes (centered around the dissertation and some general about U.S. common law system and government that will help to gain deep insight into the legal regulations and the institutions' functioning), attends workshops and conferences numerous in the NYC area, analyzes practice-oriented elements of curricula - writing and legal research courses, clinics, simulation courses, internships.
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