Ghaffar Mughal

This will be Ghaffar’s second trip to Russia as a researcher and the first to Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Socio-Economic Studies of Population where he will be sharing his expertise in international migration and remittances with his Russian colleagues and conduct further research on Russian immigration policy, and, the consequences of migration for Russia as well as the sending countries.

Ghaffar received Bachelor of Arts (Honors) and MA Degrees in English from University of Karachi before switching to economics. He has a master’s degree in Applied Economics (University of Karachi), and a master and Ph.D. in Economics/Political Economy and Public Policy from University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1999). As a Ph.D. candidate, he taught Comparative Economic Systems and other subjects at University of Southern California. He has extensive experience of teaching in the FSU and the U.S.: (KIMEP)/Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research (1998-2000), Hanover College (2001), EERC Master’s Program in Economics in Kiev (2001-2002), Santa Clara University (2004-2005), California State University (2005), and South and East European University, Macedonia (2005-2006). His teaching portfolio consists of Econometrics, International Economics, International Finance, Public Finance, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Development Economics, Transition Economics, Research Methodology, and Political Economy and Social Thought in Western Culture. He has trained junior faculty in economics and business under a USAID sponsored project in all Central Asian republics (2003) and in Macedonia (2005).

His geographical areas of interest include the entire world of emerging and developing economies, particularly, Central and South Asia and the Caucasus. The functional areas of research interest include the political economy of migration, remittances and development. The UNDP/IOM sponsored report on Remittances and Living Standards in Tajikistan is his most recent accomplishment. He knows Farsi/Tajiki, Russian, and Urdu/Hindi (mother tongue). He has a strong interdisciplinary background and highly knowledgeable of the history, culture, religion, and economy of the South and Central Asian region and has given talks at universities on the subject of Muslim Revivalist Movements.

On a personal note, Ghaffar enjoys the leisurely activities of watching movies, playing chess, and attending performances of contemporary dance, opera, and Russian plays.

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